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Insurance Restoration


Roofing In Gratitude Insurance Restoration


The Process Involved In Insurance Restoration For Hail Damage

Hail is responsible for million dollars in property damage each year. However, hail damage is not visually apparent and can shorten the lifespan of your roof dramatically. A significant number of roofs hit by hail are never replaced because the damage is not visible.

If your roof has been damaged, the insurance company will most likely pay for replacement of the entire roof, siding, and gutters, but only if you act fast to ensure that the claim is filed within the prescribed claim period.


Here is the process involved in insurance restoration for hail damage

1. Homeowner Inspection

The homeowner inspection is that you do yourself. It involves checking for dents in your gutters, dents in window wraps and fascia, bent air conditioner fins, dented roof vents and pipe caps, damaged flower pots, and damaged law furniture. Roof damage is about the only thing you cannot assess from the ground and just because damage is not visible, it does not mean that it is not there and extensive.

2. Contractor Inspection

Hail stones that typically cause damage are about 1-inch in diameter or larger since smaller sized stones usually don’t. However, it is advisable to have a professional inspect the damage. Contact Roofing In Gratitude a trusted contractor to check for property damage from the storm and handle the insurance restoration for hail damage.

3. Filing Your Claim

Our experienced team will let you know if the damage is serious enough to warrant a claim, you should contact the insurance company or agent. Let them know that a roof repair inspector has documented the hail damage.

If the insurance provider requires a formal estimate in writing, we will  provide you with one. Estimates are typically only prepared by contractors when needed by insurance companies.

4. Insurance Adjustment

Insurance claims usually send out adjusters to verify the damage before approving the claim. For the meeting with the adjuster, it is advisable to have the contractor present. The contractor and adjuster can discuss and agree on the damage to be covered. Having a fresh set of eyes is always helpful for unearthing all possible damaged items on your property.

5. Giving the Insurance Estimate Report to the Contractor

Upon approval of the claim, your insurance provider will provide a detailed estimate report for the damage covered including the total quantity and price of materials. The contractor will use the report to develop a plan for restoring your property to its pre-damaged condition,

6. Signing the Contract with the Contractor

The roofing contractor will at this point get to working on restoring your hail-damaged property. Upon completion of the work, you will pay the contractor with the money that you receive from the insurance company. The only out-of-pocket cost for you will be your deductible.

7. Wrapping Up the Claim

We usually work from estimates, which means that actual costs exceed the estimates sometimes. It can be due to the discovery of additional damage or the need for more materials. However, this should not worry you. We will relay such details to the insurance company. The extra costs are usually granted and added to your claim total.

The Bottom Line

If your property has suffered hail damage, you should follow the process for insurance restoration for hail damage described here to get the most out of your claim. Roofing In Gratitude will make the hail damage restoration process as painless as possible from assessing the hail damage to working with the insurance company. Give us a call today!